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Using System Dynamics and Enterprise Design to create digital twins of complex ecosystems - Talk at Intersection 2023 - Vienna


Join me as I discuss the revolutionary approach of utilizing Enterprise Design in creating digital twins for leading organizations in the banking sector, including development and central banks. 

In an era where uncertainty and rapid change have become the norm, isn’t it enticing to have a sandbox where strategies and policies can be experimented with risk-free? Through the confluence of state-of-the-art simulation tools, systems thinking, and system dynamics, our speaker will demystify the creation of digital twins—robust models mirroring the complex ecosystem surrounding these financial institutions. 

But this isn’t just a theoretical exploration. Get ready to delve into real-world case studies that showcase the intricate process of simulation model building, and more importantly, how these models can seamlessly integrate into a bank's strategic and operational framework to craft transformational roadmaps.

The session promises to be a masterclass in strategic experimentation. At the heart of it all is the fusion of design thinking, system thinking, and strategic thinking—three pillars that together form a formidable force in redefining how banks approach strategy and policy-making. Beyond theory, witness how tools from business design, service blueprinting, and business architecture converge to deliver tangible outcomes for these financial behemoths.

Whether you’re a strategist looking for innovative methodologies, a designer keen on understanding the larger ecosystem, or someone passionate about the future of banking, this talk promises insights and inspirations that can shape the future trajectories of institutions.