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Business Innovation and Design

This hands-on and accelerated 3-day course takes attendees through a series of activities to design more competitive and customer focussed business models.

Attendees will work through a series of toolkits over three days where they will learn how to:

  • Immerse and Understand – Understand Context; Analyse Market and customer dynamics; Evaluate the current Business Model; Analyse the broader ecosystem value exchanges; Develop business model hypotheses; Understand value creation and how to develop a value model for customers and for the business, and realise these into goals and objectives;
  • Innovate and design – Utilise Business model patterns, value proposition design, business model origami and value maps to experiment with, and develop business model prototypes;
  • Validate and learn – Develop and use design criteria to validate and learn; Understand what to eliminate, raise, reduce and create; Learn to identify opportunities and weaknesses.
  • Implement and manage – Learn how to operationalise the business model and corresponding services into an operating model; Understand how lean techniques can be used to improve over time.

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