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Business Innovation and Design

Shaping the Future of Business: A Hands-On Exploration of Business Model Innovation

A groundbreaking program that unleashes the potential of design thinking at the business model level. This intensive, hands-on 2-day course has been crafted to help you innovate, disrupt, and excel in today's dynamic business environment.

Our workshop follows a strategic approach, based on the globally recognized Business Model Canvas, offering hands-on experience with its nine fundamental building blocks. We uniquely blend this with 'Close-World' innovation strategies, and resource-limited innovation techniques, providing a robust framework to revolutionize your business model.

In this course, we go beyond theory; we empower you to rethink, reshape, and refine your business model in real time. Here's what you'll explore:

  1. Immersion and Understanding: Grasp the business context, analyze market and customer dynamics, evaluate your existing business model, and examine the broader ecosystem value exchanges. Understand value creation for both customers and business and learn to develop compelling business model hypotheses, ultimately realizing these into actionable goals and objectives.

  2. Innovation and Design: Leverage a diverse set of tools, including the 55 business model patterns, value proposition design, business model origami, and value maps. Learn how to experiment with and develop innovative business model prototypes that challenge the status quo.

  3. Validation and Learning: Hone your ability to develop and utilize design criteria to validate and learn. Understand what aspects to eliminate, raise, reduce, and create in your business model, and learn to identify opportunities and weaknesses.

  4. Implementation and Management: Master the art of operationalizing your business model into a practical operating model. Learn how lean techniques can be employed to continuously improve your business operations over time.

Business Model Innovation

Join the Business Innovation and Design Workshop today, and unlock the power of design thinking to drive business model innovation. Learn how to think differently, design intelligently, and create sustainably. Get ready to rewrite the rules of your industry.


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