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Board and Leadership Team Advisory

Digital Transformation Advisor

We can walk beside your board to guide your digital transformation activity. Because of our extensive experience working with mature and immature boards, we can unpack the risk and create a buffer zone where plans and investments become understood before they are actioned. Through our retainer model, your board members will have a more thorough comprehension of the options for more informed decisions.


M & A Gap Analysis

DesignChain’s configurative approach to M & A Gap Analysis minimises the chances of failed acquisitions. An acquired business won’t simply slot into your company, it requires effort to understand and integrate capabilities and resources effectively. Using our business design approach, we help create a more focussed understanding of gaps and measure acquisition targets against these. This will provide clarity around the overlaps and underlaps of market, products, services, knowledge, skills, assets and relationships.

Investment Planning and Management

Using our investment management framework across four workshops, we are able to play out strategies and scenarios in response to your current or future investment strategies. This enables you to mitigate risk and have confidence in your financial forecasting.


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