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The need for Business design to underpin strategic and operational agility

Talk given at the business architecture Master Series in Sydney October 2019.

Agility is here to stay. But dig a little deeper and you will see that fundamental strategic, structural and cultural issues exist that often prevent success within large organizations. Some organizations have learnt the hard way when it comes to the missing pieces of the puzzle around organizational agility.

I was recently asked by a new-ways-of-working team to help them apply business design to create the target operating model needed to enable structural, operational and strategic agility. Is this the secret sauce that’s been missing in the agility conversations?

In this talk I’ll discuss the broader issues around agility when creating the adaptive and fast learning organization. And discuss the “secret sauce” that is missing when it comes to business heuristics and patterns.

I will also look at the areas where agility is succeeding and failing and discuss the need for multi-disciplinary architects that can help with the transition across strategic, business and delivery lenses.

PS – this is a presentation pack. I dont put everything I talk to into a slide. Some of these slides will therefore lack some context for you. Next time I’ll record the talk and you can hopefully catch the story around the slides.