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Business Design

Product and Service Design Sprint

This is the classic design sprint, but with a twist. Over the course of five days, we help your team creatively solve and innovate around a problem space. Utilising innovative techniques that help you break functional fixedness, we innovate around the FORM first, and then identify opportunities where solutions could be leveraged to create and capture more value AKA FUNCTION.

Our design thinking techniques help people think out of the box and change the way you approach convention and innovation. This is how you will get your product to market faster.


Business Design and Configuration

We ask what your business needs to look like for you to recognise success. What are the drivers behind your ambition and how is your business changing? Through industry-specific capability assessment, we help you identify, prioritise, design and configure your business to reveal your ‘where-to-play and how-to-win’ choices that will feed into an executable plan for scalable growth and transformation. 

We focus on leveraging your ecosystem to create new ways of creating and capturing value. We experiment with business and operating mode configurations that would work best for your strategy.

Target Operating Model Design

An operating model is the form the business takes to deliver a specific outcome. The Target Operating Model (TOM) will align your operating capacities with your strategic objectives, and provide an accurate design of your needed structure, people, resources, assets, processes and relationships.

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Strategy Operationalisation and Roadmapping

How do you operationalise your strategy? We will help you line up the pieces to visualise, develop and formulate a living roadmap that will form the backbone of how you operationalise your strategic intent into your organisation.


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