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Adaptive Strategy

Foresight is the overarching term used for identifying and understanding alternative futures.

It has been defined as “a systematic, participatory, future-intelligence-gatheringand medium-to-long-term vision-building process aimed at enabling present-daydecisions and mobilizing joint action.” Foresight empowers decision makers and policyplanners to use new ways of thinking about, talking about, and implementing strategic plans thatare compatible with the unfolding future.

This course helps business leaders, strategists and innovation leads apply foresightmethods to policy, planning and innovation efforts. The course helps attendees learn andtry out practical forward-thinking tools for preparing the mind, developing foresight,generating insights and framing strategic actions.

Over 3-days we focus on guiding attendees through various foresight tools within theforesight diamond. Our primary focus will be on the doing layer, however, we will alsoaddress aspects of thinking and feeling in order to prepare individuals for the futurescenarios they will need to place themselves within


Course Content

SESSION 1:Organizing for Foresight
SESSION 2: Change Sensing
SESSION 3: Sense Making
SESSION 4: Action through strategy
SESSION 5: An Introduction to Systems-Oriented-Design

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