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Adaptive Strategy Acceleration Training Course

Mastering Agility: A Dynamic Approach to Strategic Adaptation and Execution

In today's fast-paced business environment, agility is not just an asset—it's a necessity. We introduce our premier Adaptive Strategy Acceleration Training Course, an innovative multi-disciplinary fusion of futures thinking, strategic thinking, and design thinking, with lean-agile execution.

The course is designed to help professionals swiftly navigate through strategic changes more often and of a higher frequency than once a year. 

Join us for an immersive 5-week online journey or a concentrated 3-day on-site session, each packed with a blend of engaging online lectures and case study-driven homework activities.

While no prerequisites are necessary, a general understanding of futures thinking, strategy, business design, and agile execution will be beneficial. The course is particularly aimed at strategists, architects, and project managers who are looking to streamline strategy-to-execution processes.

On successful completion, you'll earn an Accredible certification, marking a significant milestone in your professional development. Past participants have gone on to implement their learning in impressive ways; for instance, Telstra Australia used our teachings to develop new working strategies, and the World Bank has integrated our adaptive strategy toolkit to increase the velocity of their strategic activity in delivering technology solutions. 

Sign-up today, and begin your journey toward enhanced agility and strategic resilience.

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