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We Design and Configure Organisations

We are an innovation and business design consultancy.

We’re a team of strategic thinkers, makers and doers. We create impact through innovation and design, and scale through architecture and agility. We help organisations solve challenges in creative and human-centred ways.

We see ourselves as super-mixers, blending multiple and diverse disciplines together to help our clients adapt faster to a changing world.


Designing a business is like finding the perfect recipe for a meal.

It takes a mix of ingredients, skills, timing and rules to get that perfect taste. Change one element, mix it differently, or change the time of its introduction, and the result can be completely different.

DesignChain designs and configures organisations with the right mix of business components for the right outcomes. Not only do we improve your business impact through design and configuration, we improve your organisational capability through training, mentoring and coaching. We use a sophisticated end to end approach that moves our clients through foresight, exploration, incubation, scale and manage.

Improve impact through the design and configuration of organisational resources

We focus our services around value. How to create value for customers, capture value for shareholders and deliver value for projects. This means that we look at value strategically, tactically and operationally across your board, executive and operational domains, and we design your organisation across these layers, continually binding it together around value


For Product Leadership

We’ll work with you to focus your business on producing a continuous stream of state-of-the-art products and services. We build product architectures, product and digital product roadmaps, and business engines that create, scale and manage products and services.

We focus on creativity and how to break functional fixedness to innovate more deliberately. It’s less about post-it notes and more about the mechanics of innovating and how to source new ideas that really work.

We concentrate on commercialisation. The biggest challenge is getting ideas to market faster. We help you walk through the treacle that slows down the GTM of new products and services. We also help you design and configure the business for continuous improvement and the relentless pursuit of new solutions.

For Customer Intimacy

For service-related companies where customer intimacy is paramount, we help you get closer to your customers to continually tailor and sharpen your products and services.

It’s all about customer loyalty and maximising customer lifetime value, and the business needs to be designed and configured to enable this relentless pursuit to get the customer exactly what he or she wants.


For Operational Excellence

For companies looking to lead the industry with price and convenience, we will create and optimise your production engine for the continuous delivery of products and services in a lean and agile manner.

We will find ways to minimise your overhead costs, reduce friction costs and optimise business processes through cross-functional and ecosystem thinking.

Improve productivity through training, mentoring and coaching

Some want a fish, some want to learn how to fish. We provide both. Our proven signal to value lifecycle approach has a comprehensive curriculum of training, mentoring and coaching resources that help our clients to learn, grow skills and improve knowledge.


Design & Experiment Strategically

Through hands-on experience and involvement, our proven training techniques and strategy testing tools will improve your strategic capability. We can help you think more experimentally about strategic opportunities and options, so you can play out and validate various strategies to ensure you reach your desired outcomes.


Explore and Innovate

Through deep operational exploration, we’ll train you and your team to think outside the box and build better innovation practices. Let us help you pull apart common frameworks to break existing mental models and functional fixedness, to help your team become more creative.


Design and Configure More Impactful Organisations

We understand how the parts of your business fit together to generate value. Through the customisation of design, architecture, agile methodologies, resources, processes and tools, this is how you’ll modify your business configuration for maximum impact.

Our Clients

We work with forward-thinking companies

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