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We Design and Configure Organisations

Your Premier Innovation and Business Design Consultancy

We are a dynamic team of strategic thinkers, creators, and visionaries dedicated to delivering high-impact solutions through innovation, design, and agility. Our unparalleled expertise in blending diverse disciplines enables us to help organizations adapt swiftly to a rapidly changing world, empowering C-level executives to confidently navigate complex challenges in creative and human-centered ways.

At DesignChain, we believe that success lies in uniting innovation with execution. Our comprehensive suite of services, including Strategic Development and Experimentation, Business and Enterprise Design, and Board & Leadership Advisory, are meticulously crafted to drive growth, maintain a competitive edge, and achieve enduring success.

Partner with DesignChain to unlock the full potential of your organization and elevate your strategic vision – the trusted choice for leaders committed to excellence.


Designing a business is like finding the perfect recipe for a meal.

It takes a mix of ingredients, skills, timing and rules to get that perfect taste. Change one element, mix it differently, or change the time of its introduction, and the result can be completely different.

DesignChain designs and configures organisations with the right mix of business components for the right outcomes. Not only do we improve your business impact through design and configuration, we improve your organisational capability through training, mentoring and coaching. We use a sophisticated end to end approach that moves our clients through foresight, exploration, incubation, scale and manage.

Improve impact through the design and configuration of organisational resources

We focus our services around value. How to create value for customers, capture value for shareholders and deliver value for projects. This means that we look at value strategically, tactically and operationally across your board, executive and operational domains, and we design your organisation across these layers, continually binding it together around value


For Product Leadership: Igniting Innovation & Accelerating Success

At DesignChain, we empower organizations to achieve Product Leadership by focusing on the continuous development of state-of-the-art products and services. Our team of experts collaborates closely with you to construct product architectures, craft digital product roadmaps, and design business engines that create scale, and manage innovative solutions.

Our unique approach prioritizes creativity and breaking functional fixedness, enabling more deliberate innovation. We go beyond the superficial and delve into the mechanics of generating ideas that drive tangible results.

A key aspect of our expertise lies in accelerating commercialization. We understand the challenges of bringing ideas to market swiftly, and our tailored strategies help you overcome obstacles that hinder your go-to-market success. Additionally, we assist in designing and configuring your business for continuous improvement, fostering a relentless pursuit of groundbreaking solutions.

For Customer Intimacy: Deepening Connections & Driving Loyalty

DesignChain is committed to helping service-related organizations excel in the Customer Intimacy value discipline. We collaborate with you to cultivate deeper connections with your customers, enabling you to continually refine and tailor your products and services to meet their unique needs.

Our approach emphasizes customer loyalty and maximizing customer lifetime value. By designing and configuring your business to prioritize the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, we ensure that your organization consistently delivers on customers' expectations.

Partner with DesignChain to elevate your customer-centric approach and foster lasting relationships built on trust and satisfaction – the foundation for achieving long-term success in today's competitive landscape.


For Operational Excellence: Streamlining Processes & Maximizing Efficiency

DesignChain is dedicated to supporting organizations striving for Operational Excellence, focusing on delivering top-quality products and services with competitive pricing and convenience. We collaborate with you to create and optimize your production engine, ensuring continuous delivery in a lean and agile manner.

Our approach identifies opportunities to minimize overhead costs, reduce friction expenses, and optimize business processes through cross-functional and ecosystem thinking. By refining your operations, we empower your organization to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Enhance Productivity with Training, Mentoring, and Coaching Solutions

At DesignChain, we understand that different clients have diverse needs – some require immediate solutions, while others seek the knowledge to build their own. We cater to both, offering a comprehensive range of training, mentoring, and coaching resources based on our proven signal-to-value lifecycle approach.

Our tailored programs empower clients to learn, develop skills, and expand their knowledge, ultimately boosting productivity and fostering long-term success. Partner with DesignChain to unlock your organization's full potential and pave the way for continuous growth and improvement.


Design & Experiment Strategically

Through hands-on experience and involvement, our proven training techniques and strategy testing tools will improve your strategic capability. We can help you think more experimentally about strategic opportunities and options, so you can play out and validate various strategies to ensure you reach your desired outcomes.


Explore and Innovate

Through deep operational exploration, we’ll train you and your team to think outside the box and build better innovation practices. Let us help you pull apart common frameworks to break existing mental models and functional fixedness, to help your team become more creative.


Design and Configure More Impactful Organisations

We understand how the parts of your business fit together to generate value. Through the customisation of design, architecture, agile methodologies, resources, processes and tools, this is how you’ll modify your business configuration for maximum impact.

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