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The future belongs to those who are multi-disciplinary, to those individuals that have a toolkit full of tools that can be applied in different ways to shape different outcomes. Having a single role with a single discipline is a thing of the past.

Internally, we call these individuals super-mixers. In the market, they are known as business designers. The business designer uses a mix of innovation, design, strategy, architecture and agility to shape the business of the future, as well as the engine to deliver it.

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We train you to become a business designer.

We engage with learners in one of two ways:


Attendees choose an actual problem within their business, and we teach you how to solve that problem using business design. This part-time option usually runs over six to seven weeks using a combination of theory, online videos and hands-on activities. The outcomes are valid prototypes ready for launch into your business.


This option is a combination of theory and hands-on activities that run within a classroom environment. Attendees work through a challenging digital experience case study to sharpen their problem-solving and design skills.