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Strategic Business Architecture

Sculpting the Future of Businesses: Unleashing Strategic Transformation through Architectural Excellence

An extraordinary journey that facilitates the integration of strategic planning with pragmatic implementation. This program bridges the gap between ideas and results, transforming visions into actions, and aspirations into realities.

This specialized course leverages insights from the BIZBOK Guide and The Open Group's Business Architecture standards, along with our proprietary multi-disciplinary approach to business design. Our strategic blend of globally recognized methodologies equips you to architect business and operating models that not only withstand the test of time but also adapt and evolve with the dynamic business landscape.

Our course is no ordinary program - it is an invitation to visualize, strategize, and actualize the future of your business. It empowers you to explore strategic options, evaluate their potential impacts, and convert selected strategies into successful projects. It enables you to comprehend and leverage the intersections of strategy, outcomes, value creation and capture, value streams, business capabilities, and operating model configurations.

Whether you opt for our nine-week online training program, complemented by interactive workshops and self-paced homework, or an immersive five-day on-site course, we aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge to design business structures that are not only robust and efficient but also adaptable and resilient.

With our Strategic Business Architecture Course, you embark on a transformative journey of learning and discovery that takes you beyond the confines of traditional business design. You will delve into the heart of value creation, immerse yourself in the world of business model innovation, master the intricacies of operating model engineering, and learn to integrate your strategic plans into the agile portfolio.

Join us and unlock the architect within you. It's time to create, innovate, and lead your business to a future designed by you, for tomorrow's challenges and opportunities. Welcome to the Strategic Business Architecture Course. Let's build the future, together.

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Course Breakdown

  1. Week 1 - Overview and Value: Embark on an expansive journey through the discipline of business architecture. Understand the essence of value and develop an initial value model for a case study business.

  2. Week 2 - Strategy: Grasp an overview of the strategy discipline and understand how business architecture supports it. Develop a business motivation model for a case study.

  3. Week 3 - Business Model Innovation: Explore the intriguing world of business model innovation and master the art of business model prototyping. Develop candidate business models and criteria.

  4. Week 4 - Flows: Learn about customer journeys, service blueprints, and value streams. Develop a journey map and associated value streams for the case study.

  5. Week 5 - Capability Based Management: Get an in-depth view of capability-based management and operating model design. Develop a capability model to support the value streams of the business.

  6. Week 6 - Operating Model Engineering: Understand how to configure the right resource mixes for delivering outcomes. Learn the implications of function on form and structure, and design an operating model for optimal results.

  7. Week 7 - Migration Planning and Roadmapping: Master road mapping and portfolio planning for architecture. Develop a business dependency map and roadmap.

  8. Week 8 - Integrating into the Agile Portfolio: Gain an overview of portfolio development, epics, and features. Understand project closure and feedback mechanisms.

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