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Strategic Business Architecture

Business Architecture is one of the layers within Enterprise Architecture.

A Business Architecture is developed during an early phase of the Architecture Development Method (ADM) outlined in TOGAF®.

The Business Architecture describes the product and/or service strategy, and the organizational, functional, process, information, and geographic aspects of the business environment.

his 4-day course interweaves elements of theory, practice and evaluation for Business Architecture. Students work in teams through a series of methods and techniques which are applied to a case study.

The course is a staged approach in how to develop a Business Architecture and use this to derive useful business insights. The insights are used to form advice and recommendations to influence strategic perspectives and decision making.

The Business Architecture is represented as a range of models including Business Motivation Model, Business Model Canvas, and Business Capability model. The Business Capability model is the foundation for a capability-based planning approach to business improvement or redesign.

Suitable for business and IT people, this course teaches you how to develop and use a business architecture to represent and mobilise critical knowledge about your business of today and the future.


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