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Digital Twin Development and Management

Digital Twins for Strategy and Policy Experimentation: StratOps for Your Living Business Model

Welcome to the future of strategic innovation and experimentation—StratOps, your DevOps for strategy. Using the groundbreaking tools from ISEE Systems and Stella Architect, we bring to life your business strategy through dynamic digital twins. Imagine having a 'living' model of your entire business ecosystem—capturing every critical relationship between sales, staffing, cash flow, investment, and more—right at your fingertips. We call this your Dynamic Business Model (DBM), or "Living Business Model," a canvas that fully simulates your business issues, plans, and projections.

Our StratOps approach lets you:

  • Step back to See the Big Picture: Problems don't occur in a vacuum; they're part of a system. Our models help you identify key relationships, removing blind spots you never knew existed.
  • Test and Learn with What-If Scenarios: Safely experiment in a risk-free simulated environment to uncover solutions, avoid pitfalls, and grasp the large-scale impacts of your strategic moves.
  • Harness Algorithms for Optimization: Go beyond gut feelings; apply simulations and algorithms to identify trade-offs, payoffs, and avenues for resource optimization.
  • Easily Share Gained Insights: Our interactive interfaces ensure that your stakeholders can quickly come up to speed on crucial insights, making collaborative decision-making a breeze.

Experience strategy like never before. Learn, adapt, and optimize continuously. Let StratOps empower your decision-making and supercharge your business transformation journey.

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BIZOPS: Where Strategy Takes Form—People, Process, Technology

Turning a strategy into operational reality can be like conducting an orchestra—every musician, instrument, and note must be in perfect harmony. Enter BIZOPS: your maestro for operational excellence. While STRATOPS is your playground for strategic experimentation, BIZOPS is where you put those strategic insights to work, in the real world, with real resources. Here's how:

What BIZOPS Does for You

  • Resource Orchestration: Using the sophisticated ADONIS product by BOC GROUP, we help you identify the ideal combination of people, processes, and technology—your Target Operating Model—to deliver on your strategy.
  • Simulated Execution: Run multiple scenarios to find out the most effective way to allocate your resources. No more costly trial and error.
  • Operational Rollout: We translate the optimal model into actionable roles, responsibilities, and processes. Your team knows exactly what to do, when, and how.

Operational Intelligence

  • Real-time Alignment: We don't stop at planning. Using process mining techniques, we pull data from your live production systems and compare it with the planned model, constantly refining for optimal performance.

Connects Seamlessly with STRATOPS

  • This isn't a one-off exercise. BIZOPS is designed to operationalize the capabilities, value streams, and various operational scenarios you've already experimented with in STRATOPS. The strategy you've simulated and tested now becomes a living, breathing operational reality.

BIZOPS doesn't just make your strategy actionable; it ensures that the action is as effective as possible. Ready to turn your strategic aspirations into operational success? 

BizOps Integration Diagram
System Dynamics Model
Create a living business model that describes how the business system works together as a single unit. Look for improvement opportunities, identify high-value levers and experiment with strategic changes, then link to the operations of the business to deliver the change
Target Operating Model
We define target operating models that realize strategic intent. We identify the most effective configuration of your resources (processes, skills, structure, people)  to deliver the outcomes.
Performance Improvement
We transform your business into a digital twin to find opportunities for improvement. 
Simulation insights help us to improve your value creation and capturing activities.  
Resource and Capacity
We identify resource, capacity and structural improvements - bringing FORM and FUNCTION together

Managing your Digital Twin

You've created powerful digital twins for both strategic and operational decision-making. But who ensures they remain up-to-date, credible, and governance-compliant? That's where our Managed Digital Twin service comes in.


  • Integrated and connected: Plugged into both your Project Management Office and Strategic Management Office, we provide seamless oversight, ensuring your digital twins are in complete alignment with your organization's objectives and operational changes.

  • Up-to-the-Minute Relevance: Our team is dedicated to real-time updates, guaranteeing that your digital twin is always primed with the latest data for swift and informed decision-making.

  • In-sourced or Outsourced: Customize your level of engagement. Whether you want us to train your team for internal management or prefer our experts to handle it all, we have you covered.


  • Decision-making Unshackled: With governance taken care of, your decision-makers can focus on interpreting insights and making impactful choices, rather than being bogged down by maintenance and updates.

  • Swift Adaptability: Our managed service allows your organization to adapt to changes in real time, giving you a competitive edge in dynamic market conditions.

  • Strategic & Operational Cohesion: With one governance model overseeing both STRATOPS and BIZOPS, enjoy a unified view of your strategy and operations, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Turn your digital twins into actionable, constantly evolving assets. 

Ready to take the next step?