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Systems Oriented Design Training Course

Transforming Complexity into Clarity: Unleashing the Power of Systems Thinking for Problem Solving

This program is designed to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and techniques needed to tackle complex, fourth-order systems problems effectively and confidently. Our course uniquely combines the power of systems thinking, design thinking, and strategic thinking, empowering you to navigate complex ecosystems and systems.

Employing a unique toolkit of design elements, combined with Stella Architect for systems modeling and experimentation, this course guides you through the stages of the design process: Prepare, Discover, Define, and Develop. Each phase culminates in crafting a robust system change strategy, ensuring you're fully equipped to deal with real-world challenges.

Here's what each phase offers:

  1. Prepare: Frame the system, understand stakeholders, system levels, and system types, explore system strategies, and create a comprehensive system research plan.

  2. Discover: Conduct primary and secondary research into the system. Understand cause-and-effect maps, identify megatrends and constraints, and perform cause-and-effect analysis.

  3. Define: Develop a system map and stock-and-flow maps. Expand the system into causal loops, create a system narrative, and identify system influencer maps. Craft system scenarios, extract insights, identify problem and opportunity statements, and prioritize challenges into "How Might We" questions.

  4. Develop: Ideate around the identified questions using FEMPER and Donella's 12 system interventions. Refine an updated system function map, define the solution as a hypothesis, and consolidate your approach into a comprehensive system change strategy.

This Systems Oriented Design course isn't just a learning experience – it's a journey toward becoming a strategic problem solver in a complex world. By the end of this course, you'll have the skills and knowledge to transform intricate systems into clear, manageable entities.

Join us today in our Systems Oriented Design training course. Embrace the power of systems thinking and become a catalyst for change in your organization. Let's navigate the complexity together.

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