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Press Release: DesignChain Adopts ISEE Systems for Dynamic Modeling & Systems Thinking

Photo by NASA on Unsplash
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London, UK – DesignChain, a frontrunner in innovation and business design with a presence spanning the UK, Africa, and Australia, is excited to announce that we are standardizing on ISEE Systems' industry-leading Systems Thinking and dynamic system modeling software. This significant alignment will serve as a catalyst for changing the way organizations engage with strategic development and transformation, fusing next-gen technology with our multidisciplinary expertise.

Here at DesignChain, we champion the idea that complexity isn't something to shy away from—it's an opportunity. That's why today's decision to standardize on ISEE Systems' suite of dynamic modeling tools is so exciting for us. This move will empower businesses to navigate a multifaceted world with greater agility and confidence.

Why is this groundbreaking? As we deepen our commitment to digital twins, strategic experimentation, and business simulations, we recognize the need for advanced tools that allow us to dive deep into the complexities of business ecosystems. ISEE Systems' Stella Architect is now our primary tool for generating digital twin system dynamics models, elevating our ability to offer multiple strategic experiments in the digital realm to understand the impact on ecosystem and business system behavior. 

With Stella Architect, we can offer Dynamic Business Models or what is often called "Living Business Models" that fully simulate business issues and plans under varying scenarios. This approach offers complete transparency, allowing for joined-up management everyone craves for. 


An example of a basic system dynamics twin in Stella, looking at balancing sustainability with economic return

Key Benefits:

  • Think About The Big Picture: Avoid tunnel vision and get a comprehensive view of the systems that influence your business.
  • Model Simple and Complex Systems: Stella Architect allows us to build models around intricate business systems, shedding light on key relationships that dictate system behavior.
  • Learn in a Risk-Free Environment: Simulate 'What-if' scenarios to identify solutions and avoid unintended consequences before actual implementation.
  • Share Insights with Stakeholders: Easy-to-interpret, interactive simulations make it simple for stakeholders to absorb the insights generated, facilitating faster, smarter decision-making.

As we continue to redefine the boundaries of strategic design and systems design, our decision to standardize on ISEE Systems' robust modeling software amplifies our capabilities in Strategic Business Model Innovation, Policy Design, and Business Systems Design and Experimentation. This potent alignment lets us delve deep into the realm of 'what-if' scenarios, running multiple strategic experiments in a digital environment to analyze ecosystem impacts and optimize business system behavior.

When combined with our ongoing collaboration with BOC Group's ADONIS software, this allows for a seamless transition from strategy and policy experimentation to practical operationalization within target operating models. In essence, it brings us one step closer to closing the gap between theoretical innovation and real-world execution, giving our clients a genuine competitive edge in an ever-changing business landscape.

Ready for a fresh perspective on tackling complex problems? Reach out to us to learn more about how we’re driving change through this dynamic collaboration. 

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