• We use innovative methods and techniques to help you get to market faster

  • Bringing the human element into the business - Attend our Design Thinking in Business training course.

  • We leverage our own revolutionary tools to remove your go-to-market obstacles

  • We educate others through hands on experience and involvement

  • We are passionate about solving problems through collective wisdom

  • We build powerful individuals and organisations that adapt and grow faster

  • We deliver outcomes through powerful combinations of team structures and business networks

Our Services

We focus on removing obstacles so that your ideas get delivered to market faster

Success through accelerated time-to-market design-driven strategy and innovation organisational coherency lean business thinking scaled agile delivery

Employee Engagement and Culture Programs for High Performing Teams

Simple action-based programs that transform disengaged employees into fully engaged leaders

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Innovation Facilitation

We help organisations discover shared value through ecosystem design, business model innovation and service design.

We do this through a series of facilitated workshops where we help you ideate around disruptive business models and services.

Coherency Design

We understand how all the parts of an organisation fit together to create and capture value.

We do this by using a mix of disciplines to design coherency across experiences, services, products and capabilities, to help you create a value aligned investment plan.

Innovation Operationalisation

We help operationalise the outputs of innovation to validate viability and feasibility.

We do this by “playing-out” ecosystem, business model and service prototypes into your current business model to determine the most effective investment path.

Practice Development

We help organisations entrench design-driven business planning into their operations.

We do this by customising the right mix of design, architecture and agile methodologies, processes and tools.

Our clients

Our education program

The work environment is changing. We believe that having a single role with a single discipline is a thing of the past. The future belongs to those who are multi-disciplinary. To those individuals that have a kit bag full of tools that can be applied in different ways to shape different outcomes.

Internally, we call these individuals super-mixers. In the market, they are known as business designers.  The business designer uses a mix of design, strategy, architecture and agile to shape the business of the future, as well as the engine to deliver it. We train you to become a business designer.

We engage with learners in one of two ways:

  • Shadowboxing : Attendees choose an actual problem within their business, and we teach you how to solve that problem using design. This part-time option usually runs over six to seven weeks using a combination of theory, online videos and hands-on activities. The outcomes are valid prototypes ready for launch into your business.
  • Classroom: This option is a combination of theory and hands-on activities that run within a classroom environment. Attendees work through a challenging digital experience case study to sharpen their problem-solving and design skills.

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