Business Design Bootcamp

Course Overview

This hands-on and accelerated 3-day course takes attendees through a series of activities to design more competitive and customer focussed business models. Attendees will work through a series of canvasses over three days where they will learn how to:

  • Understand and empathise with customers using human centred design, empathy maps and the value proposition canvas;
  • Understand value creation and how to develop a value model for customers and for the business, and realise these into goals and objectives;
  • Ideate and prototype new and disruptive business models by learning how to mix the business model stereotypes using business origami and the business model canvas;
  • Develop services and experiences for customers and employees using the service blueprint;
  • How to operationalise the business model and corresponding services into an operating model; and
  • How to design the value streams and agile portfolio required to deliver the products and services to market.


  • The primary learning outcome for this accelerated 3-day bootcamp is to give attendees an understanding on how business design “components” and their corresponding tools fit together to create synergy across your organisation. The course uses a combination of internal and creative commons toolsets to help learners through the journey of business design.
  • There are a number of well known methods, techniques and tools in the market. These are often used in a standalone manner to help facilitate conversations in business. This bootcamp teaches users how to stitch these together to create more effective and designed outcomes.

Who Should Attend?

  • Heads of Departments seeking to understand how to design for business outcomes in a more agile manner
  • Analysts, Strategists and business architects looking to understand the building blocks of business design
  • Design thinkers looking for an overview of how to operationalise experiences, products and services
  • Enterprise Architects seeking to establish stronger relations with business stakeholders and demonstrate alignment of their target architectures to business needs
  • Business Analysts seeking to improve career capabilities and deliver strategic outcomes to business stakeholders
  • Business Technology Partners and internal customer relationship owners seeking the means to form and communicate business and technology strategy with their business stakeholders
  • Domain Architects needing to improve their ability to express domain strategies in the context of business strategy and capabilities
  • Project and Portfolio Managers looking to gain an understanding of some of the tools and techniques required to view the portfolio through a business lens

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the linkages between strategy, design, agile and business architecture
  • Develop a clearer understanding of the customer using empathy maps and the value proposition canvas
  • Build value models for creating value for customers and capturing value for business
  • Develop a strategy using the business motivation model
  • Identify products and services required to deliver against goals
  • Utilise the business model stereotypes to identify and mix different business models to address the business and customer value drivers
  • Design a service blueprint and identify the value streams and capabilities required to deliver the outcome
  • Prioritise the effort across the value streams to inject into agile delivery

Instructor: Craig Martin – Founder of DesignChain

Craig is the author of a number of courses and is a recognised speaker, facilitator and thought leader in business design and business architecture




3 Days

Delivery method:



Informal Certificate



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